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New business opportunities for 5 regional media: Ukraine Innovative Media Program

As part of the Ukraine Innovative Media Program project, the Media development investment fund (MDIF) in partnership with the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine selected 5 business projects from Ukrainian regional media for support. Thanks to the program, the selected newsrooms will receive financial and mentoring support in the implementation of their project.

So, our Innovative Media team is: Hryvna from Kherson, Kremenchutskyi Telegraf from Kremenchuk, Kolo.news from Poltava, Odesa Life from Odesa and Molodyi Bukovynets from Chernivtsi. Congratulations to the winning teams!

Over the next 11 months, teams will create interesting content in video format, conquer YouTube and TikTok, effectively monetize social networks, develop advertising departments with the support of our mentors.

We believe that this project will open new horizons for Ukrainian journalism and will become an example of successful adaptation to modern media realities. Innovations in the media are also possible during wartime.

The Ukraine Innovative Media Program is implemented in Ukraine by the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine in partnership with MDIF.

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