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International Insurance Fund for Journalists

Who can get insurance?

Fixers, journalists/videographers/editors/photographers of independent Ukrainian media who are sent on official business trips to war zones, liberated territories, border territories with Russia and Belarus, frontline territories and have means of protection. Priority is given to those who have completed safety training and first aid courses.

How to do it?

To do this, you need to apply here.

For what period can it be insured?

From 1 to 20 days per journalist and videographer/editor/photographer who are members of the same team going on a business trip.

Who determines which applications are granted?

The independent body of the project — the IIFJ Coordination Council – reviews each application and makes a decision on whether to insure or reject the application.

In case of a positive decision, our coordinators will contact you.

Applications from journalists of those media that are honest and adhere to the Code of Journalistic Ethics are accepted.

What is covered by the insurance?

Insurance coverage — up to $100,000 for medical expenses in the event of an injury. In case of the death of a journalist, the family receives USD 100,000.

Have a question?

Contact  [email protected]

Tetiana Avramenko, AIRPU

Together to victory!

Briefly about the initiative:

Founders of the initiative: AIRPU, «Suspilnist» Foundation, IMI, «Detektor media», Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, IRRP

The project is implemented by the Association «Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine» (AIRPU) with the financial support of ECPMF within the project «Voices of Ukraine».

Coordinating Council of the IIFJ:

from the «Suspilnist» Foundation: Taras Petriv

from the Association «Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine»: Oksana Brovko

from IMI: Roman Golovenko

from «Detector Media»: Svitlana Ostapa

from Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law: Ihor Razkladai

from IRRP: Lyudmila Pankratova

In case of a positive decision, the project coordinators contact the program participants personally.

Applications are accepted from those media that are honest, work according to professional standards and adhere to the Code of Journalistic Ethics.

The project is already supported by: ECPMF, WAN-IFRA.

Feedbacks about the project.

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