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Solidarity of media colleagues saves media

The war today is not only in Bakhmut or Orihiv, Enerhodar or Kharkiv, Kherson or Lviv. It is not only for our right to be independent or for our right to be Ukrainians.

The war today is also for independent media. Thanks to support, solidarity and joint actions with media partners from all over the world, our media is able to survive in this war. We want to start this year by thanking our Polish colleagues who at the beginning of March created the Ukrainian Media Fund in cooperation with media organizations from Scandinavian countries.

Thanks to the help of the Fund, our Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine has already supported local media with more than 10 million unique readers and about 1 million print editions per month!

Thanks to that support, our regional media from about 23 cities of Ukraine can continue publishing their newspapers, collecting important local information for their online readers, continuing to inform the local society about important, sometimes critically important things: about shelters, evacuation routes, medical assistance, psychological support, etc. It is thanks to such joint actions that our local journalists have 10 recharging points – Hubs of Media Invincibility with charging stations and a pleasant company of colleagues.

Bulletproof vests, helmets, first-aid kits, USB lamps, power banks, laptops, video cameras, sleeping bags, thermal bags, walkie-talkies – everything you need for survival. For life. For victory.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Thank you for being with us.

Towards the victory.

Oksana Brovko CEO at AIRPPU


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