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Women in Media: a project to support women-journalists

A project to support Ukrainian media women- journalists or freelancers.

We provide a grant of 2,500 euros for the production of 4 materials on socially important topics that are not mainstream, but are nevertheless socially important for Ukrainians. Priority will be given to topics covering gender’s issues.

Possible content formats: investigations, newspaper or website interviews, multimedia stories, podcasts, radio programs or video interviews, graphic stories, etc.

Who can apply?

Female journalists and non-binary persons working in Ukrainian media or freelancers.

Please be sure to cover the topic you plan to cover in your four articles in sufficient detail on the registration form.

We will inform you about the outcome of the review by October 1.

Apply: https://forms.gle/D2Ep1cBh9ReMuNb39

Our partners:

The project is implemented as part of the implementation of the grant project between the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine and WAN-IFRA, for the implementation of the SIRI (Social Impact Reporting Initiative) project.

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