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Journalists will learn digital and personal security: apply

Proper training and education can help journalists save themselves and those around them in dangerous situations. Good news for media professionals from Ukraine — a useful event will be held in Lviv on November 23-26, consisting of two blocks: IT security training and security training.

Together with professional trainers from the UK, you will hone practical skills that will help you feel more confident during shelling and aerial hazards. And thanks to IT specialists, you will learn to be resistant to cyber attacks and confident in your professional activities.

The event is organized by the «Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine» within the framework of the “International Journalists’ Insurance Fund” project with the support of Europäisches Zentrum für Presse- und Medienfreiheit (ECPMF) and EU4IM.

Why is it important to attend this course?

Journalists should be aware of the potential risks and threats they may encounter in their work during business trips to war zones and beyond. In fact, in wartime conditions, no city in Ukraine can be called safe. Media workers need to understand how to behave in critical situations and be able to properly provide help to themselves or those close to them.

Digital security is no less necessary. After all, the protection of personal and professional data is extremely important for journalists. Agree, learning how to use strong passwords, encryption, and other tools to protect your information online is a helpful skill.

When working in dangerous areas and with a variety of information, it is important to have secure means of communication, secure messengers and other tools to protect privacy.

— First aid skills can save your own life or the lives of colleagues. Security courses will also include discussion of the ethical aspects of being a journalist in wartime, such as protecting human rights, objectivity and the responsibility to disseminate information. In addition, media workers must learn to plan and get out of dangerous situations, including loss of communication and other unexpected circumstances, — says Oksana Brovko, director of the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine.

The content of the course that awaits the participants:

  • Planning before the trip to the front and risk assessment;
  • Personal safety and travel safety;ʼ
  • Assessment of the situation and the wounded;
  • Victim in unconscious state and treatment of respiratory tract;
  • Information and communication security;
  • Management of personal conflicts;
  • Weapon effects and reaction to fire;
  • Work with bleeding wounds, including ballistic injuries;
  • Land mines, explosive remnants of war and improvised explosive devices;
  • Understanding PTSD.

Тrainings for journalists are free of charge. Participants will be reimbursed for travel, accommodation and food expenses. To register, you need to fill out the FORM. Hurry, because the number of places is limited.

Be safe!

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