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Ukrainian media managers discussed with a Senator Carsten Brosda how to support Ukrainian press during the war

Last week, the Association of the Regional Publishers of Ukraine organised the opportunity for media managers and journalists from Ukrainian local media to visit Hamburg and communicate with German media managers, journalists and politicians.

Freedom of speech in the country during the war, influence on media by local authorities and business, control of corruption are the issues that colleagues are interested in. What does it mean – to be an independent media during the war? And how can German media support independent local media in Ukraine?

Oksana Brovko, Director of AIRPPU, talked on that as well as about our struggle for independence to the Senator of Media in Hamburg Dr Carsten Brosda.

Oksana Brovko: “We talked about how we organise international support for independent regional media. From bulletproof vests for journalists at the frontline to training programs during the war and financial support for content production. More than 86 local media today were supported by our association. Because we believe that the local press during the war is the most important source of proven information. And quite often this information saves the lives of local people. ”

The group members talked a lot about their daily lives and the challenges that are now facing them in both everyday and professional life.

It was an important first step to gain support and keep the independent press in the regions of Ukraine.

Towards the Victory.

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