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Despite the war, advertising revenues in regional media increased by 62% — results of a survey by IARPPU

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, some Ukrainian media outlets were forced to cease operations, while others managed to preserve their teams. However, media had to optimize production processes. Financial and expert support from international partners and relevant Ukrainian organizations has helped the development of regional journalism. Among such organizations consistently supporting regional media is the «Independent Association of Regional Publishers of Ukraine».

While the advertising market in Ukraine plummeted dramatically in 2022, forcing most editorial offices to find various ways to survive, in 2023, despite challenging conditions, regional information sites in Ukraine demonstrated rapid growth in their advertising revenues. According to a survey conducted by the Independent Association of Regional Publishers of Ukraine among regional media experts, we found that online advertising revenues increased by 62% compared to the previous year. And this growth was made possible thanks to adaptation to new market conditions.

— The traditional annual survey of experts from regional media helped identify key trends and dynamics in the development of the advertising market. The results showed a significant increase in the average weighted revenue from advertising on sites. The share of online advertising in total revenues is also increasing, — explains Oksana Brovko, CEO of the «Independent Association of Regional Publishers of Ukraine».

Optimistic forecasts are also in place for the current year, with expected advertising revenue growth of 45% relative to 2023.

The most attractive segments of the advertising market last year were medicine, food establishments, construction, and non-food products, reflecting a shift in consumer priorities and business adaptation to current challenges.

— The proportion of revenues from online advertising of the surveyed information media in 2023 accounted for 61% of total advertising revenues (in print and online media). This emphasizes a shift in focus from traditional media to digital platforms. These results were obtained through surveys of advertising department heads of regional media companies representing southern, northern, eastern, western, and central Ukraine. The data reflects the real picture of the advertising market, as they were calculated based on actual data from advertising departments, not price lists, — concludes Oksana Brovko.

Meanwhile, the «Independent Association of Regional Publishers of Ukraine» continues to actively support and facilitate the financial stability of Ukrainian regional editorial offices. For example, on February 28, IARPU, in partnership with WAN-IFRA and EU4IM, started the international course Digital ABC Module E  «The Era of Artificial Intelligence in the Newsroom», which was joined by six countries.

More than 100 people are participating in the project. 28 of them represent 14 regional media of Ukraine. All of them have the opportunity to improve their skills in implementing artificial intelligence in their work. From automating routine tasks to creating personalized content for readers – the possibilities are endless. This is a chance to improve the quality of work and open new horizons for the development of regional media, developing new business models.

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