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Only together we can win this war!

Dear colleagues and dear friends! 

Christmas is a good family time, with a cozy fireplace, a lot of gifts for kids under the Christmas tree, warm funny socks and Santa’s hat…

This year Ukrainian Christmas is about killed solders, civil people, kids, about the cold houses, darkness outside, no water and no heating. But always – with lights inside us.

All these lights are possible because of your support and friendship. The brightest light does not come from the stars, the brightest light comes from human hearts.

This is like a story from a childhood: how good overcomes evil. Our story must have a happy end. With your help. With your support. And with your attention. 

Press freedom is supported by you. Independent media is supported by you. And that is a really important impact in the future of all media in the world.

Toward the victory!

Marry Xmas!

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