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Regional media master artificial intelligence: an international training course has launched

Great news for regional media in Ukraine! Since February 28th, the “Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine,” in partnership with WAN-IFRA and EU4IM, has launched the international course Digital ABC, Module E “The Era of Artificial Intelligence in the Editorial Office,” which has been joined by six countries.

Over 100 participants are involved in the project. 28 of them represent 14 regional media outlets in Ukraine. All of them have been given the opportunity to improve their skills in implementing artificial intelligence in their work. From automating routine tasks to creating personalized content for readers – the possibilities are limitless.

Oksana Brovko, the director of the “Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine,” shares how the idea of the course originated.

— Last year, in collaboration with WAN-IFRA and EU4IM, we implemented a project on strategic planning for nine Ukrainian editorial offices. It was so successful that we decided to create a current course on artificial intelligence and expand the geography of participants to six countries — Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Belarus. The training started on February 28 and will continue until May,” — Oksana Brovko explains.

The course program consists of five training blocks on how artificial intelligence can already be used in editorial offices and how to properly organize team work. Participants will not only attend webinars but also complete homework assignments and share their own developments.

— Actually, it’s very useful and interesting because every week, media managers and journalists from different countries have the opportunity to gather together and exchange experiences, useful life hacks on how they are already applying artificial intelligence in their work. Moreover, they will share current media trends, which will be useful for both Ukrainian and foreign editorial offices, — continues Ms. Brovko.

The international course will provide not only knowledge and tools but also international experience from leading experts in the field of AI. This is an opportunity to improve the quality of work and open new horizons for the development of regional media.

Participants of the project from the following editorial offices:

Lesia Lazorenko Kremenchug Telegraph

Nataliia Burlaku 20minut, RIA plus

Сергій Первозванський Molodyy Bukovynets

Yaroslav Sukhomlyn www.0462.ua

Olga  Nikitiuk 0462.ua

Tetiana Tsyrulnyk  Kolo.news

Anna Zarudska Kolo.News

Levchuk Maryna Kolo.News

Nataliia Pakhaichuk National network of hyperlocal media Rayon.in.yua

Yuliya Kotlyar Одеське життя

Ivan Svyshch Odeske Zhittaya (Odesa Life)

Inna Musiienko DT Global

Volodymyr Gordynskyi Simeyna hazeta, https://ye.ua/, https://simeika.com/

Yuriy Kysil  Simeyna hazeta, https://ye.ua/, https://simeika.com/

Yuliia Dukach Texty.org.ua

Nataliia Romanyshyn Texty.org.ua

Анна  Семьонова  molbuk.ua

Serhiy Bolotov Grivna

Inna Gadzynska Texty.org.ua

Liudmyla Sorokovska grivna.ua

Svitlana  Omelchuk  ОГО /OGO 

Ivanna  Lazar-Vynohradova  Te.20minut.ua

Nikolenko Natalia Grivna

Roksolana Zhukova Kremenchug Telegraph

Artem Kovalenko Kremenchug Telegraph

Ruslana Horhola Kremenchug Telegraph

Vadim Pavlov vn.20minut.ua

Maxim Faryna vsim.ua

The WAN-IFRA Women in News Digital ABCs “Basics of Artificial Intelligence in Editorial Offices” program is supported by DT Global as part of the Media Neighbourhood program (EU4IM), with WAN-IFRA being a consortium partner. In Ukraine, the local partner of the program is the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine.

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