AIRPU. We build together successful media

Who are we?

Our mission is to protect and promote media freedom, quality journalism, help to build successful media businesses, lobby the interests of the regional media for the prosperity of independent media in Ukraine.

We represent local news sites with an audience of more than 10 million unique users per month and local print media with a total monthly circulation of about 900,000 copies.

All media companies that are our members have access to all the benefits, services and information that AIRPU offers its members.


What Makes us Unique

AIRPU offers its members the essentials needed to run a successful media business: staff training, experience, trust between members, direct partnership opportunities, branding and advocacy.


WHAT: We help the employees of our members to raise their professional level, receiving the best new experiences, technologies and knowledge from the best specialists on the market.

HOW: We hold regular training webinars/conferences for advertisers, managers, SMM managers, editors and journalists.



WHAT: During all our activities, we use only applied knowledge, the most practical cases and beneficial experiences. We do not lecture or give speeches. We have created a platform for free communication and places with only practical information.

HOW: our speakers/trainers/mentors are only media practitioners who work directly with the media daily.



WHAT: We create an atmosphere of a place where you can always hear about the practical experience of colleagues and talk about your own experience. Positive and not very positive.

HOW: we have created a platform for frank conversations about any challenge in the media. 



WHAT: It is really important for us that our participants are our partners, friends and colleagues tested by time and business. This gives a lot of credibility at all our events.
We appreciate that all our external partners are our brand advocates and chose sustainable development together because they trust us.

HOW: we maintain ongoing professional relationships with our participants, grant partners and fellow partners.



WHAT: We participate in the country’s professional events and promote high-quality local media. We advocate for the needs of independent media in legislative committees, public councils, and internationally among colleagues of WAN-IFRA and INMA.

HOW: through internal research, expert opinions, and a number of open educational events for the media, we attract more and more fans for quality local media.



WHAT: Joint legislative activity to support and develop a quality environment for successful  media businesses and independent media.

HOW: Together with colleagues – lobbying for bills necessary for the market. Together with WAN-IFRA, INMA and WEF – bringing attention to media issues at the global level.


Why you should join the AIRPU

Because with us your media will grow and develop in a trusted and reliable circle of colleagues and partners.

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