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Regional media support hub: we accept your applications!

The Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine, with the support of the Press and Culture Department of the US Embassy in Ukraine, is launching a project to support regional media.

Currently, our regional media support Hub project is a logical continuation and expansion of our opportunities to help not only members of the association, but also other independent media.

You can already apply for:

❗️ relocation if your media is in a war zone (acceptance of applications is not limited by terms)

❗️ for the purchase of technical means to continue the work of your media (acceptance of applications – not limited by terms)

❗️ to print a series of special issues of your regional newspaper (applications accepted until May 1)

Soon we will also open the opportunity to apply for long-term support for the production of content for your publication.

How to submit? Fill out an application here: https://forms.gle/gjekYVYjycHTny2MA

Only together and to victory!



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