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Andriy Dubchak’s Exhibition in Copenhagen: A Symbol of Ukrainian Resilience and Journalistic Professionalism

It is so important to remind the world of our brave fight for freedom, to speak the truth so that everyone understands the reality of Ukraine and the threats posed by Russian imperialism, which today scorches our lands and kills our people. The Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine, in cooperation with the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), organized a photo exhibition by Andriy Dubchak, co-founder and war correspondent from Frontliner, at the World News Media Congress in Copenhagen. Let us recall that over 1100 participants from 78 countries, more than 500 companies, gathered here.

The exhibition featured works by Andriy Dubchak, who has been documenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. This series of images highlights the proximity of the war to the everyday lives of Ukrainian citizens, the imminent danger, the arbitrary destruction, and the tragic loss of life.

Congress attendees, viewing the photographs, could hardly contain their emotions. Each shot is not just an emotion, it is someone’s life… Lives destroyed by the war. Fates scorched by grief. It shows the losses of both adults and children.

Andrew Heslop, Executive Director of Media Freedom at WAN-IFRA, emphasised the importance of this collaborative effort.

— Supporting a free press, wherever it is under threat, is unprecedented. We have demonstrated solidarity with the global industry in times of crisis. We remain deeply inspired by the courage and determination of our colleagues from Ukraine. Ukrainian media continue to work and serve their readers, viewers, and listeners every day, resisting destruction and dreaming of a better future, — he said.

International cooperation with Ukraine has been ongoing for many years. The free press continues to function. And while the war continues, constant support is needed more than ever.

— Thank you for this exhibition. We had to convey this truth to everyone present at the Congress. We see the headlines, the sad statistics, the numbers. But we rarely see the real reality in which you live every day, as professionals and simply as people. I think Andriy’s work, these speeches of action, the way the words come out, our campaigns, our statements, and calls to our members to step up and support are very important to do in order to preserve freedom of speech, — emphasised Andrew Heslop.

Finally, Oksana Brovko noted that this exhibition showed the face of war in modern Europe. Our struggle continues. And it is in unity that we find the driving force capable of changing the situation.

Andriy Dubchak is a Ukrainian photographer, videographer, photojournalist, and war correspondent. He is the founder and director of the independent media company Frontliner. He was one of the first live streamers of Euromaidan, capturing the key events of the Revolution of Dignity, including the clashes of February 17-20, 2014.

He has been covering the Russian-Ukrainian war since 2015. Andriy Dubchak’s reports and materials are broadcast by numerous media outlets worldwide, such as CNN, BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. He is an honorary member of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers and the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine.

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