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13 regional editorial offices, where 84 journalists work, received financial support thanks to the cooperation between AIRPPU and the Ukrainian Media Fund

Supporting independent Ukrainian media is critically important for ensuring access to truthful information and preserving the independent voice of society during the war. The Ukrainian Media Fund (UMF) was created at the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It is a vivid example of solidarity and support from international partners, helping to sustain and develop independent journalism in the regions.

The Ukrainian Media Fund is an association of five countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland) that have actively supported regional journalists for more than two years. We feel the reliable support of our colleagues in everything.

— Partners from the Ukrainian Media Fund, which is part of The German Marshall Fund of the United States, help our media in solving operational tasks. Our editorial offices have received helmets, bulletproof vests, technical equipment, and financial support, — says Oksana Brovko, director of the Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine (AIRPPU).

At the beginning of this year, 31 regional media received 70 iPhones and over 60 MacBooks.

Thanks to such support, journalists can continue to work uninterruptedly during business trips, power outages, and even after enemy shelling. Among the media supported by the Association are those that have been relocated because their offices were partially or completely destroyed by the enemy.

— Recently, 13 editorial offices (a total of 39 regional media) received funds to pay salaries for 84 journalists thanks to the Ukrainian Media Fund. This assistance is extremely important for our media market. It is thanks to this support that our regional media can partially ensure stable salaries for their employees, remaining independent from the political or economic influence of large businesses or oligarchs. This contributes to preserving freedom of speech. We are immensely grateful to our colleagues for this assistance! The head of the fund, Joanna Krawczyk, and the founders from Norway — Randi S. Øgrey, Sweden — Johan Taubert, Thomas Mattson, Finland — Jukka Holmberg, and Denmark — Marianne Bugge Zederkof, are constantly by our side, allowing us not only to survive but also to develop, — emphasizes Oksana Brovko.

Our partners understand that support in this challenging time is an important step towards the victory of truth and democracy, as independent journalism, especially in the regions, ensures objective coverage of events and strengthens public trust.

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